Minneapolis Bans the Use of Chokeholds By Police

Minneapolis Bans the Use of Chokeholds By Police

The Minneapolis City Council has banned the use of chokeholds by the city's police department.

According to an interim order obtained by CNN, negotiators for the city have also mandated that the police must report and intervene if they see any unauthorized use of force — including chokeholds and neck restraint — by another officer. CBS also reports that officers who do not report these incidents will be subject to "discipline as severe as if they themselves had used the prohibited force."

These are the first changes to Minneapolis's policing methods after a week of nationwide protests in response to the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the city's police. On a related note, this new order also states that the Minneapolis police chief must now authorize all use of crowd control weapons — such as tear gas and rubber bullets — and that civilian audits of bodycam footage should be allowed.

The order is reportedly temporary and will require a judge's approval. However, Velma Korbel — the director of Civil Rights for Minneapolis — told CNN that they hope this compels the state legislature to act and "change the laws that impede the city from making the deep systemic change required, and the community has been demanding for decades."

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