Miley Cyrus Fans Think 'WTF Do I Know' Is a Liam Hemsworth Drag

Miley Cyrus Fans Think 'WTF Do I Know' Is a Liam Hemsworth Drag

As you all probably know, Miley Cyrus's new album Plastic Heartscame out earlier today. However, fans are already convinced that one song in particular is a pointed send-off to Liam Hemsworth — and they're living for it.

In the opener track "WTF Do I Know," Cyrus gets right to it in the first verse by singing, "Maybe getting married just to cause a distraction / Here to tell you something that you don't know," which made it pretty clear that the song was probably addressing her ex-husband.

That said, in between lines about how she had already "moved on" and had to leave the person in their "own misery," it didn't take long for fans to express their support of the star's "Liam drag."

"Let's take a moment to appreciate how Miley dragged Liam to FILTH in 'WTF Do I Know' cause LORDTT," as one commenter wrote, before another person added, "'WTF Do I Know' really came for Liam Hemsworth, huh?"

Meanwhile, other speculated on what Hemsworth's reaction to the song would likely be, writing things like, "I know Liam will be shaking in his water soaked boots when he hears 'WTF Do I Know.' Miley went off on this one."

And while Cyrus has yet to address the buzz surrounding the song, in the meantime, you can see what else fans are saying about "WTF Do I Know," below.

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