Miley Cyrus Says Cody Simpson Is Her Boyfriend

Miley Cyrus Says Cody Simpson Is Her Boyfriend

After a whirlwind rebound romance with Kaitlynn Carter, Miley Cyrus has moved on and become Instagram official with the Australian singer Cody Simpson, following their much-publicized acai bowl make out session. I am officially out of breath from keeping up with her love life, honestly. This is... this is a marathon. I can only imagine how the good people at TMZ feel.

Cyrus is currently in the hospital with tonsillitis, where Simpson visited and presented her with roses and a serenade. On her Instagram story, Miley called Cody her "BF," which could technically mean "best friend," but more likely signifies "boyfriend," given the romantic circumstances. She also used baby talk, saying Simpson was coming to visit her at the "hospy," which is the kind of demented abbreviation that tends to accompany one's relationship honeymoon phase.

Simpson and Cyrus were spotted kissing over fast casual food in Los Angeles last week. After the photos generated a flurry of media attention, Cyrus accused journalists of "slut shaming" her, and asked to be left alone. She and Simpson have been friends for a while now, and were first photographed hanging out together way back in 2014. Simpson previously dated Gigi Hadid, back in her pre-modeling days.

To recap, Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce from Cyrus in August, after she was photographed kissing Carter in Italy right as their separation was announced. Cyrus and Carter then reportedly moved in together, met the parents, and promptly broke up. Now there's a new blond Australian in town. By the way, Simpson looks like this:

Love this for our girl. Miley, never change.

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