Watch Michelle Obama React to Beyoncé's 'Homecoming'

Watch Michelle Obama React to Beyoncé's 'Homecoming'

How many times have you rewatched Homecoming? Beyoncé's Netflix documentary about her world-stopping 2018 Coachella performance is one of the most thrilling victory laps ever witnessed in pop culture. It has proven, yet again, that she's an all-time great — and even Michelle Obama is understandably in awe.

Obama, who happens to also have a deal with Netflix, recorded a brief video congratulating her friend on the artistic triumph. "Girl, you have done it again," she says. "Constantly raising the bar for us all, and doing it flawlessly. I'd say I'm surprised, but I know who you are. I've seen it up close and personal... you make me so proud, and I love you."

The former First Lady highlighted how Homecoming pays tribute to Black history and culture, while also looking to the future: "I love that it's both a celebration and a call to action. And I love that you're using this film to inspire the next generation of history makers and record breakers who'll run the world in the years ahead."

Notice how she weaves Beyoncé lyrics into the tribute? A true fan.

Watch the whole video, below.

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