Merci, Mercy Doesn't Want Your Toxic Friendship

Merci, Mercy Doesn't Want Your Toxic Friendship

by Riley Runnells

Merci, Mercy is ditching toxic relationships with her new EP, no thank you, no thanks.

The Australian pop artist's debut EP features six tracks, including previously released singles "Fucked Myself Up" and "Fall Apart." Throughout the EP she talks about feeling trapped inside of her own head, mental health awareness and the toxicity of relationships — romantic and platonic.

Check out her no thank you, no thanks track by track breakdown, below.

"Tequila & Lemonade"

"Tequila & Lemonade" took the longest of all songs on the EP to write. It touches on similar themes to "Fucked Myself Up." It's about feeling trapped in your own head and looking for ways to escape and feel confident.

"Fucked Myself Up"

"Fucked Myself Up" is about dependence on alcohol. It gave me the confidence to be able to talk to people. I was getting fucked up on purpose in order to allow myself to be around people I didn't know. My goal is to make music that talks openly about mental health, so it's as normal as talking about what you're eating for dinner. "Fucked Myself Up" is me saying, "Yes, I have a problem, but I'm doing my best, so leave me alone."

"Fall Apart"

"Fall Apart" references the cynical version of myself, where I question the point in starting something with someone when I know it's just going to end. In my mind I think I'm going to get hurt, so will it be worth it? It's an apology and explanation to any future relationship that could be harmed by my cynical mind.

"Something You Like"

This song really poured out of me and was the easiest one to write on the EP. The song was written from observing toxic relationships and seeing how someone can change you without you realizing. It's my go-to song to play whenever I pick up my uke.

"Wonder What It Feels Like"

"Wonder What It Feels Like" is all about exploring possibilities and wondering what it would be like to give and receive love.

"The Very Very End"

"The Very Very End" is the bookend of my EP. The final lyric in this song is my EP title. It's about toxic friendships and not putting up with things for longer than you have to.

Photo courtesy of She Is Aphrodite