Matthew McConaughey Will Star In A 'Spring Breakers' Sequel

Matthew McConaughey Will Star In A 'Spring Breakers' Sequel

You know how it is in Hollywood... once they have a hit on their hands, they will do literally anything to keep that money train chuggin' along. Slapdash sequels, weird branding partnerships with Subway, fashion collabs with Kohl's – sure, whatever, they don't care. Take Harmony Korine's 2013 cult smash Spring Breakers, for instance. That weird, wonderful movie seemed destined to be rode hard and put away wet by the Hollywood get paid gang, when a sequel featuring exactly zero members from the original cast and crew was announced in 2014. It was to be called Spring Breakers: The Second Coming, and it told the story of a new class of summer partiers that had to battle a militant Christian sect or... something? Luckily for all of us, that sequel was shelved after James Franco denounced it on Instagram, saying that it was a "poison ship" and a naked attempt to profit off of his creativity (and I guess by extension, Riff Raff's).

Undaunted by this setback, the producers of the original Spring Breakers announced a web series inspired by the film, but once again, none of the original actors or writers wanted any part of this and ultimately, neither did anybody else. But fear not, there WILL be a sequel! The franchise shall continue! Enter Harmonie Korine, who has just signed on to write and direct a new movie in the Spring Breakers universe. It's called The Beach Bum, it stars Matthew McConaughey (!!!) and according to Variety it is a "comedy about the misadventures of a lovable rogue" named Moondog! There are no other casting details out there, but it's coming out in 2018 and I think we can all agree that this is an absolute best case scenario for all parties involved.

Spriiiiinnggg breeeaaaaakkk forrreeeevvveerrrrr....

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