Martha Stewart Wants Your Pet to Try CBD

Martha Stewart Wants Your Pet to Try CBD

It looks like all those years cooking alongside Snoop Dogg have finally rubbed off on Martha Stewart because the lifestyle guru and exotic gourd connoisseur has now announced that she is getting into the CBD game.

According to Yahoo News, Stewart is partnering up with hemp producer Canopy Growth to create her very own line of products and treats containing the relaxing cannabis extract. However, as it turns out Stewart isn't interested in getting you to chill out so much as making sure your anxious Pomeranian takes it down a notch. Stewart will be drawing on her extensive knowledge "in the subject of living" for this latest endeavor to create CBD treats geared towards your cherished four-legged companion. She says she is looking forward to the collaboration, "which will offer sensible products for people's beloved pets."

Understandably you may be wondering what the advantages of giving your furry friend CBD might possibly be or if it is in fact even safe for them to ingest? Well, you won't have to worry because it turns out CBD affects our pets much in the same way that it affects us. The oil has been found to aid in the treatment of pain, seizures, and even reduce anxiety in animals the same way it does with humans, and because it doesn't contain the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, THC, it is impossible to overdose or get high on CBD.

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Sure, I still may be the laughing stock of the cul-de-sac for not knowing how to properly arrange a floral centerpiece but I would never blame Martha for my own shortcomings, which is why I have full trust that she will do CBD, not only in a way that feels right, but somehow quaint and rustic as well. An avid animal lover herself, with pictures of her various pets peppering her Instagram feed between shots of fresh produce and cute cocktails, we have full faith that Stewart's all-natural CBD treats will be the best thing to happen to pets since they legalized catnip.

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