As you may know, autumn gourd goddess Martha Stewart and Snoop D-O-Double G are teaming up on an unscripted cooking show for VH1 this fall, where they will throw a weekly dinner party for celebrity guests. Wonderful, and perfect, and yes please. But after watching this adorable new teaser, you realize that a cooking show is only one of MANY things that you'd like to see these two team up on. Here are some FREE IDEAS: Martha and Snoop Solve Mysteries In Connecticut, Martha And Snoop Raise A Barn, Martha And Snoop Hunt Sharks, Martha And Snoop Try Snowboarding, Martha and Snoop Journey into the Past, Martha And Snoop Design A Shoe Collection, Martha and Snoop's European Vacation... the list goes on.

I mean, LOOK at these two...

The classic back-to-back - ya can't fake that!

This friendship is so deep and so true. He PAINTED HER DOG for crying out loud!

It is VERY nice, I DO think!

Watch the teaser below...

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