Maggie Rogers Speaks Out Against Sexual Harassment

Maggie Rogers Speaks Out Against Sexual Harassment

Maggie Rogers is one of the most respected young artists in the industry today, and yet some people can't help but show disrespect when going to see her shows. On Sunday, the "Falling Water" singer shared photos containing a long message on Twitter, and captioned it "take your top off."

Per Rogers's story, during one of the more quiet, toned-down moments in her show, before the "Alaska" acoustic encore, she gives a speech. "It's the most vulnerable part of the set. Just me and a guitar before I say goodnight," she wrote. But on Saturday night, at Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas, a man disrupted her speech by yelling, "Take your top off." Another followed, saying, "You cute though."

"I was stunned, furious, fuming, confused, and also — on a really basic level — it really hurt my feelings," Rogers wrote. "I step on stage every night with a deep reverence for the stage, my craft, and the privilege that is making music for my job. I've been writing and producing music for 10 years — my body is my greatest tool for communicating that work."

"I want to use this moment to be very very clear. There is no space for harassment or disrespect or degradation of any kind at my show." She ended the message, saying, "Be kind to each other out there. xx M."

Fans have been tweeting in support of Rogers, apologizing on behalf of the hecklers, and calling on audience members attending her last show in the Austin tonight to do better.

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