Macy Rodman Is a 'Greased Up Freak'

Macy Rodman Is a 'Greased Up Freak'

Those familiar with Macy Rodman's sometimes-frantic, always-kinetic characterizations and energy won't be disappointed in the buzzing new video from the Brooklyn-nightlife legend.

Rodman plays out all of your wildest fantasies in the video for "Greased Up Freak Pt. 1," the first single from the star's new album, Endless Kindness, from badass biker chick to old-Hollywood starlet, and then some. At times virginal and reserved, and at others all-encompassing and in-your-face, Rodman playing a game with the camera from every angle — and we love it.

The video for the thumping electronic track, directed by Jon Beilin, would be highly confrontational if it weren't for Rodman's charismatic and playful stare. In every shot, greased-up or otherwise, there's a sense of belonging and firmness within the characters at center stage.

"On 'Greased Up Freak Pt. 1,' I wanted to write something that was fun and horny," Rodman says of the new track. "The album is all about confusion and absurdity, and I chose 'GUF' as the first single because it's so brazen, it's silly."

She continues, "The idea for the video sprung from me still being kind of awkward about sex at nearly 30 years old and the feeling that sex can be humiliating, funny, warm, or terrifying in equal measures."

It's tough for any performer, longtime and trained or not, to convey all of these emotions at once, but somehow Rodman accomplishes the feat. We're invited as audience members to join in on the fun and horror, and to delight in the mix rather than cower in the face of its mounting presence. Or, as Rodman puts it perfectly: "It's about trying on different parts of your personality to make you more comfortable in a situation in which you might otherwise be uncomfortable."

Photo via YouTube