Watch Troye Sivan and Princess Nokia in MAC's New Short Film

Watch Troye Sivan and Princess Nokia in MAC's New Short Film

MAC's VIVA GLAM campaign became the quintessential voice and model for change in the beauty industry in the '90s. The campaign that pledged to raise awareness and donate 100 percent of their proceeds to fighting AIDS/HIV is now its 25th year and marked the iconic milestone by recreating its original campaign starring RuPaul.

Now in an effort to expand its vision to support women and girls across the world, MAC has teamed up with 18 influencers, artists, and activists. The "diverse change makers" will participate in the brand's year-long social series by tackling conversations on health, women's' rights, LGBTQ rights, and AIDS.

The participating celebrities and activists include Troye Sivan, Jacob Bixenman, Mari Malek, Aquaria, Princess Nokia, Dara Allen, Eileen Kelly, Deja Foxx, Lea T, Alex Mugler, Parker Kit Hill, Bradley Miller, Nisha Sirpal, Kiekie Stanners, Daiana Gonzalez, Allen Li, Carlisha Gizelle and Schuron Womack.

To kickstart the series, the beauty label has dropped a short film, where each cast member reflects on the issues and their own journey.

Although traditionally, the brand has had one single brand ambassador represent VIVA GLAM's mission, the diverse range of ambassadors reflects MAC's growing commitment towards the cause.

The MAC VIVA GLAM Fund was first founded in 1994 and has since raised over $500 million exclusively through the sale of MAC VIVA GLAM lip products. Formerly the MAC AIDS Fund, it focuses on healthy futures and equal rights for women, girls, and the LGBTQ communities while maintaining its decades-long support for those living with HIV/AIDS. To date, the sale of VIVA GLAM products has funded more than 1,800 organizations around the globe.

Every cent of the selling price of the VIVA GLAM II Lipstick, VIVA GLAM III Lipstick and the new, limited edition 25th anniversary VIVA GLAM 25 Lipstick in the original VIVA GLAM I shade, will be donated to the VIVA GLAM Fund.

To learn more about M∙A∙C VIVA GLAM campaign or to purchase the new limited-edition lipstick, click here.

Photo courtesy of MAC