Iyla Wrestles With Herself on 'FOH'

Iyla Wrestles With Herself on 'FOH'

California born and raised, Iyla is a versatile woman. Whether it's sultry R&B, Italian pop, bursts of rock or even yodeling, the singer can pretty much do it all, garnering millions of streams, critical acclaim and a Wu-Tang Clan-approved Method Man collab along the way. Initially derailed and then reinvigorated by the wrench of the pandemic, Iyla has emerged on the other side working with Grammy nominated producer Kadis to put forth a new body of work that she heralds as a "true depiction of my brain and my emotions."

Following previous singles, "2LATE," and, "Sad Bitch Bad Bitch," Iyla is back with her latest offering, "FOH." Featuring a walking bass line, romantic string sections, trombone and a rocking hip-hop beat, the track sees Iyla grappling with the volatile back and forth of a toxic relationship. Full of colorful lyrics like "Dizzy Gillespie cheeks" and the catchy refrain of "Baby, go break a leg," Iyla ups the theatrics for an overall exhilarating ride.

The new single arrives alongside a Janelle Ginestra and Luke Rihl-directed music video that channels the song's energy into a cathartic flurry of movement. Featuring choreography from Genstra and styling from Brookelyn Styles, the visual shows Iyla manically dancing through what appears to be the gutted and abandoned department store stomping in doorways and climbing stationary escalators.

“While the song tells the story of me and my partner going eye for eye, the videos message lies in the battle of me vs. myself," Iyla explains. "Life can be challenging and sometimes even when we find the strength to get back up we fall down again. Not everyone 'wins' all the time and finding peace in the dust allows us to the will to rise again. Powering through the struggle is what makes us grow new wings.”

Iyla goes on to add, “The reality of the 'FOH' video is that success takes hard work, struggle and vulnerability. This shows the battle within ourselves even in the moments that you don’t always win, you keep rising and fighting through every range of emotion. Sometimes life knocks you down and has no guarantees.”

Check out the PAPER premiere of Iyla's official music video for "FOH," below.

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Nichoalds