Luna Luna Wants You to 'Feel It Now'

Luna Luna Wants You to 'Feel It Now'

The new music video from Texan Latinx quartet Luna Luna feels like a trip back in time.

In the '70s-inspired, pointedly COVID-free visual for "Feel it Now," a house party is in full swing as playing cards get tossed on tables, people dance in mirrors, and guitars go wild. Also, someone gets wrapped into a mummy made out of toilet paper.

While all of this is happening, Luna Luna's blissful vocals and instrumentation set the mood of the retro shindig — it's been a long week, it's Saturday, and it's time to chill with friends. By the end of the song, you'll be grooving while flashing lights and disco balls transport you back a few decades.

"Feel It Now" appears on Luna Luna's debut LP Flower Moon, out today, August 13. The LP, which is built out of the idea of "a lost boy confused about life and turning to the moon for answers," reflects on regrets and daydreams about the possibilities of the future over the course of ten tracks.

"'Feel It Now' is our most anthemic song," Luna Luna founder Kavvi says in a press release. "We wanted to make a huge unstoppable song, and I think that's what it came out to be."

"I think the production really takes centerstage on this one," he continues. "I feel like as soon as the drums come in you're transported into this vibe that doesn't let you go. The lyrics are really just about chasing that feeling of ecstasy and longing for it. Sometimes you just wanna let loose and this is the song that you can do that to."

Check out the video for "Feel It Now," below.

Photography: Ash Rosas