Luna Blaise Loves Burberry

Luna Blaise Loves Burberry

BYJustin MoranFeb 22, 2024

Burberry brought the outdoors inside for Fall 2024, doubling down on the classic outerwear that’s made the British brand beloved for so long. Set to music by Amy Winehouse, designer Daniel Lee’s vision this season pulled inspiration from the landscapes and people of the UK and Ireland. The result was a celebration of tradition and technique, focusing on trenches, duffle coats, and field jackets to create feelings of warmth and elegance. PAPER followed actress Luna Blaise getting ready for the show in London and caught her reaction to the entire experience, below.

On Burberry:

The brand is making a big comeback in my eyes, and I'm so honored to be a part of it in such a minimal way. I love working with them and continuing this relationship with such an iconic brand is a dream. I had a perfect experience; from the moment I walked in you stepped into the flawlessly done tent, which was the Burberry world we were transported to for the next 45 minutes. The scene was packed with all different types of Londoners, Americans, rappers, sportsmen, actors (like me). It was really diverse and cool.

On Daniel Lee: 

Daniel’s third show, which we just saw, was nothing shy of amazing. He came in piping hot, following what a bang that second show had been. The perfect collection. The coats, the coats... bury me in the coats. There’s this new fresh elegance to what Daniel’s bringing to the brand. It’s light and new, and very very English. You can tell Daniel’s diving deep into the culture, which is Burberry, but putting his own sickening twist on it.

On the Show Soundtrack:

The score for the show by the wizard Benji B was a tribute to Amy Winehouse. It was absolute perfection. With the show being in East London at Victoria Park, it was the quintessential London fashion show. It started pitch black with Amy’s instantly recognizable vocals — No beat, just the clear crisp opening of “You Know I’m No Good,” then the lights came up and the show started. Obviously, I had chills. It was just flawless.

On Her Look:

My look was from Spring/Summer 2024 Burberry: stunning meshy sheer one sleeve ribbed black dress with a forever iconic Burberry trench. This one happened to be covered in cherries head to toe and was baggy with zippers, not your average Burberry trench. You know that iconic beige-colored coat will always be a favorite, obviously, but this was something different that Daniel had thrown together for his second collection.

On Her Glam:

Burberry is fresh. I wore practically no makeup, almost dewy like I’ve just woken up from sleeping in a garden. My hair was in an updo with wispy bits fluttering around giving that natural light look. I felt very comfortable and happy with being fresh-faced.

Photography: Elliot Koffi Adogony
Hair: Ben Talbott
Makeup: Lucy Burt