Let the 'Love Island' Memes Begin

Let the 'Love Island' Memes Begin

by Dante Silva

Happy hot people Christmas, to those who celebrate (and if you don't, quite frankly, you're missing out). Love Island is returning with a brand new season tonight, with all our favorite traditions — the couples, the chaos, the crassness.

Perhaps the show's Twitter account said it best:

The intro — beloved by many, known by all — brings back some of our fondest memories of the villa, and all the drinks spilled (or thrown) within its walls. Even just the familiar cadence, a few electronic beats, has become canon.

It seems to fit with the rest of Love Island: the intention isn't so much to overstimulate as to exhale, to be "extra" only insofar as the heels you're wearing (or, perhaps, all the clothes the cast is not wearing). We're all watching to see outrageously attractive people do outrageously uncalled for things, a world which begins and ends on ITV.

And, of course, we're going to Tweet about it:

"No critical thinking just banter" tends to be the Love Island mantra — so we'll leave the think pieces at the door, and only bring the popcorn.

Watch with us tonight at 9:00 PM:

Photo via Getty/ Colin Young-Wolff/ CBS