Lorde Covers Drake, Loves His Hugs

Lorde Covers Drake, Loves His Hugs

Lorde is paying homage to all the greats as she hits their hometowns on her North American Melodrama tour right now. First it was Kanye West in Chicago with "Runaway" and "Love Lockdown," now she's in Toronto showing love to Drake.

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Tackling arguably the best song from Drake's insta-classic 2011 album, Take Care, Lorde performed her own rendition of "Shot For Me." It's certainly entertaining to hear her breathy vocals take on: "Alicia, Katia I know that you gon' hear this, I'm the man, yeah I said it." Prior to delving into the cover she also revealed to the audience that "Drake gives great hugs, he's a great hug-giver." You already know.

Check it out, below.

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