What Exactly Is Lorde Up To?

What Exactly Is Lorde Up To?

Lorde, true queen of melodrama, is never one to do things quietly. The 21-year-old pop star recently deleted almost all of the posts on her Instagram, leaving behind only three images.

The first one is a shot of her performing that was posted in April. Another is a black and white picture originally posted in 2017 of an audience with goggles on staring at something, presumably a screen, paired with the caption "la société du spectacle," and the final picture, which was posted in 2016, is of white cursive text on a black background that mysteriously says "trust me."

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Lorde also deleted most of her tweets. The only two remaining are from November 12, 2017. They are both quotes from Arthur Rimbaud's poetry collection, Illuminations.

The last time a pop star dramatically altered her social media presence like this, she launched a massive album campaign. Is Lorde pulling a Taylor Swift and signaling new music? Was she bored? Is she just going on a social media cleanse?

Fans are understandably intruiged, working quickly to try to figure out what the images could mean.

Image via BFA