Lorde Blessed Us With a Frank Ocean Cover

Lorde Blessed Us With a Frank Ocean Cover

By Talia Smith

There are only a handful of artists in 2018 that have actively pushed against the creative molds and ideas we've come to expect from them. Since the start of their careers, Lorde and Frank Ocean have been two of the few musicians to step outside the box and sketch their own ever-evolving lanes in the industry.

Naturally, everyone lost their minds when Lorde used her Milwaukee tour stop to cover Frank Ocean's "Biking (Solo)." Famed for her tour renditions of greats like Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen, Lorde's Ocean cover was aptly hair-raising and eerily surreal. Fans were equally shook when the New Zealander began to perform a brand new song, working through a live debut performance of her piano-led "Precious Metals."

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