Lindsay Lohan Revives A Classic For Guests at Her Mykonos Resort

Lindsay Lohan Revives A Classic For Guests at Her Mykonos Resort

It has been 14 years since Lindsay Lohan released her debut album Speak, and it still is a wall-to-wall bop-sterpiece of Hot Topic-pop. The album came at the height of Lohan-mania, arriving the same year as Mean Girls and was produced Emilio Estefan peaking at number four on the Billboard charts. 2004 may feel like forever ago, but in a video that surfaced today, Lohan has proved that Speak's grand finale track, "Rumors," is timeless.

In what looks to be a chill karaoke session in one of the cabana's of her Mykonos resort, Lohan treats beach-goers to her seminal classic hit. And be honest, if you were there, you would be living for it too!

Lohan is currently filming her upcoming reality show, Lohan Beach Club, that focuses on her Mykonos resort and Athens nightclub set to air on MTV in early 2019. The show is described as a "Vanderpump Rules in the Mediterranean," and from what we can gather the show should be a documentary-style look into the Dionysian drama of resort life. Posts have already surfaced showing a party headlined by Rick Ross, attending a rave featuring Alesso, and Lohan cruising on a jet ski.

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But if you thought that it will all be fun-in-the-sun, think again. Lohan is a bonafide reality star. There. Will. Be. Drama. We have already seen Lohan yell at her resort employees for failing to obey proper dress code and early TripAdvisor reviews of the resort have been complaining of arrogant staff and sub-par amenities. All the right ingredients for a perfect reality TV storm set to hit off the coast of Greece.

Photo via BFA