Lizzo and Missy Elliott Are Together at Last

Lizzo and Missy Elliott Are Together at Last

You thought it was an ordinary Wednesday! Wrong. Lizzo just dropped the latest single from her upcoming album Cuz I Love You. And... she clearly really does? Love us, that is. Because "Tempo" features her labelmate and living legend Missy Elliott.

The instantly catchy track is a sex-charged ode to body positivity: "Slow songs are for skinny hoes/I'm a thick bitch I need tempo." Elliott's verse literally starts with a purrr. You'll be transported from your office chair to the club in a single listen.

On Instagram this afternoon, Lizzo explained that the collaboration was a dream come true. She even shared a sweet photo of her and Elliott meeting for the first time. "There's a lot of promo shit the label™️ wanted me to post today but I'd rather share these intimate moments and an even more intimate story," she wrote. "2 years ago I met my hero. I played her my music, she threw beats at me as I freestyled. It was fun and life changing—10 years ago if you told me I'd rap w/ Missy Elliott, I'd think that was we took selfies because I thought I'd never see her again. I never posted these pictures because they were just for me.. a secret I held close to my heart. But also... deep down inside I knew one day we'd have something even more special than a selfie."

That day has arrived. Listen to "Tempo" by Lizzo and featuring Missy Elliott, below.

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