Hot new couple alert! I kid, it's nowhere near that real, but Lil Yachty has dropped this fire remix of Katy Perry's 'Chained to the Rhythm' and professed his love for the newly-single pop star.

An unlikely combination? Certainly. A 13 year age-gap? Absolutely. Are we here for Yaty, though, despite all odds? You betcha. Yachty nautifies (ayo!) Katy's woke anthem about being brainwashed into caring more about our social media presence than social issues, screaming mid song "I LOVE YOU KATY!".

Though Yachty doesn't really get on board with this theme, his trademark autotune "bubblegum" verses does take 'Chain to the Rhythm' from bearable to mildly enjoyable. He tells his love interest [Katy] "to get pretty for the city / put my hand on ya ass so they know that you with me." Alright, why not?

Listen to the track below and ship this romance along for 2017.

Image via Carl Timpone/, Billy Farrell/

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