Lindsay Lohan Is 'Jealous' of Young Stars With Social Media

Lindsay Lohan Is 'Jealous' of Young Stars With Social Media

Lindsay Lohan wishes she had a way to stand up for herself when she was a young star.

It's no secret that the aughts were less than kind to women in the spotlight, particularly the ones who were considered to be "tabloid staples" like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Lohan, all of whom faced relentless paparazzi, misogynistic media scrutiny and voyeuristic contempt for simply existing. So needless to say, it's not much of a surprise to learn the Mean Girls star now wishes she had the ability to tell her side of the story during that tumultuous time, specifically through social media.

Ahead of the release of her new Netflix film Falling For Christmas, the 36-year-old actress told Cosmopolitan that she would have loved to have a direct line to the public when everything she did became a sensationalized headline.

"When I first started out in the business, none of us had a say in how to control our own narrative. There were paparazzi pictures, and then people ran with it," Lohan said. "So I think it's really good that in this day and age, people can say who they are and who they want to be. And I admire and appreciate that. I'm a little jealous because I didn't have that."

Lohan — who now lives in Dubai with husband Bader Shammas — went on to reveal that she's had conversations with Spears and Hilton about this very issue, adding that all of them have used social media as a means to reclaim their images.

However, she admitted social media is a bit "too much" right now and that she's been “trying her best” to keep up with how fast things move, before leaving fans with a useful tidbit of advice.

"You have to take everything people say with a grain of salt and just be you. Slow down, because everyone's so quick right now. People just don't stop," as Lohan said.

She continued, "You've got to chill."

You can read Lohan's entire Cosmopolitan cover story here.

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