How Appropriate That Le1f Surprise Drops 'Blue Dream' EP on 4/20

And it's lit!

In the nearly three years since his Riot Boi EP dropped, New York rapper Le1f is back to serve us a contact high with his latest EP Blue Dream, which is aptly titled given the day it was released. (Today! Surprise!)

The EP is just as much of a trip through Clublandia Jones as you might expect. "Yo" is a spare, glitchy tune that gleefully announces Le1f's return, including one particularly hilarious barb about a hater's bad breath. "Blublockers" is drum-and-bass with an inherent cool like the shades the title advertises. "Say Nothing" borrows peak Beyoncé circa "Yonce" to fire off a series of hilarious reads: "All on ya mouth like liquor" morphs seamlessly into lines about haters looking like and I quote: "Black Friday sales." It's lit.

All in all, Blue Dream is a 19-minute, highly cohesive aural demonstration of Le1f's effervescent confidence as an emcee and artist. And in addition to boosting your serotonin levels, it will make you feel like you are The Shit, That Bitch, et al. So, go forth and thrive, queens!

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