Le Bal: Inside the Most Glamorous Coming Out Party of the Year

Le Bal: Inside the Most Glamorous Coming Out Party of the Year

The fairy-tale vision of pretty young princesses in beautiful ball gowns dancing the night away in Paris might seem like a Disney fantasy but it still exists once a year in real life. Every November, a glamorous group of young people rendezvous in the French capital, dressed in haute couture gowns and white tie, for le Bal, the modern take on the traditional debutante ball where girls of society "come out." Founded in 1994 by French publicist Ophélie Renouard, the debs and their cavalier escorts include aristocrats, Hollywood offspring and daughters of international moguls. This year's cohort included HRH Princess Louise of Orleans, Araminta Mellon (daughter of fashion mogul Tamara Mellon), Cristina and Victoria Iglesias (daughters of singer Julio Iglesias), Kayla Rockefeller, Jane Li (daughter of actor Jet Li), Asuka Ikenobo and HRH Princess Maria Carolina of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. Their escorts included HSH Prince Alexandre d'Arenberg, Prince Phillipe-Emmanuel de Croy-Solre, and Gaspard Guerin. Take a look at photos from the festivities below.

Photography: Yunling Fang

Araminta Mellon in Oscar de la Renta and Harakh jewelry

The Hotel of le Bal: Shangri-La Hotel, Paris
The Jeweler of le Bal: Harakh
The Car of le Bal: Renault
The charities of le Bal: Seleni and Enfants d'Asie
Makeup: Terry
Hairdresser: Alexandre de Paris