"I have a feeling that you're really going to like your new substitute teacher," a man announced to a classroom full of students at Walter Reed Middle school in Hollywood. Then in walked Lady Gaga, wearing her serious business frames and finest of pantsuits. The kids lost their minds, going in for some very pure hugs and putting their hands on their hearts in just a very sweet gentle way. Bless. Gaga made the appearance in partnership with Staples, who she is working with for their Staples for Students program, which brings school supplies to underserved classrooms.

"I want kids to love themselves fearlessly," she explains as an adorable parade of children tell her what they want to be when they grow up. "Not having materials at school is a real problem, that puts a child at a deficit. Before we fix that problem, we need to acknowledge that problem." We close on a classroom talent show, and the whole thing is very much "You are Lisa Simpson."

Watch below...

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