Did David Cronenberg Direct Lady Gaga’s Latest Shoot?

Did David Cronenberg Direct Lady Gaga’s Latest Shoot?

By Jael Goldfine

It's Wednesday and we're screaming about the latest on Lady Gaga's Instagram. A series of three black-and-white photos depict the singer in a George Conde-esque sequence with her body grotesquely altered.

The first shot is a sideways profile of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germotta rocking a Pinocchio-meets-Elphaba nose job, and in the second, she's shown as a nude demon-Barbie, blonde locks whipping around as she screams out of a classic elongated horror-movie-scary-mouth. Finally, in the third, silver-clawed, she rocks a fanged, vagina-dentata animal mask of a jockstrap that dares anyone to come close.

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While from the minimal captions it's unclear if the images are promo shots for the sequel to Teeth — or related to Gaga's upcoming Enigma residency in Las Vegas — but we do know the series was shot by Kanye-go-to photographer, Eli Russell Linnetz: the 27-year-old famous for bringing the "Fade" and "Famous" videos to life, as well as Yeezy's latest NSFW apparel campaign.

Lady Gaga can always be relied upon to do the most, as well as show up for body positivity — and today, she's delivering the representation that terrifying Barbies and lying puppets deserve.

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