Ladies of Leisure Spin Spotify's Best New Artist Party

Ladies of Leisure Spin Spotify's Best New Artist Party

By Erica CampbellFeb 05, 2024

Leanne Allen, Jesse Selchow, Deirdre Coleman and Tove Lo are four Los Angeles best friends making music and charging up parties with electric energy from their playful DJ sets. The members of the collective, known as the Ladies of Leisure, have been pals for years, connecting over their love for dance floors, deep cuts and (of course) the decks. So what happens when an all-female powerhouse group brings their vibes together to turn up the volume in preparation for music’s biggest night? Last weekend in Hollywood, we found out.

Each year, Spotify puts on a West Coast party to host and celebrate the year’s Best New Artist Grammy nominees; this time around, guests got to enjoy performances from some of the 2024 contenders and witness a DJ set from the ladies themselves. From “adrenaline comedowns” to “confident butterflies,” the night was truly one to behold.

Based on the photo evidence, it’s clear that the Ladies of Leisure are here to party, and PAPER was lucky to be invited along for the ride. Check out the collective's photo diary below as they celebrate the Grammys at Spotify’s Best New Artist party, and find out why they say the best part of the party is “getting to do this with your best friends.”

"Adrenaline come down.”

“We always recreate the post-show hug photo from our very first gig in 2021 when we opened for Fred again.. at his secret show in LA.”

“Talking vibes and track selection.”

"Jesse feeling sassy after she went rouge and played Heaven as our closing track.”

“It’s just sparkling water. We are professionals!”

“First time walking the carpet together!”

"Leggy boy."

"Bad bitches walking."

“About to go on! Confident butterflies going on inside.”

“Best thing is getting to do this with your best friends.”

"Blurred after being spun off stage.”

“Double fisting all night from here on out.”

“No photos! Okay, some photos.”

”Running into friends on the carpet.”

”The Ladies of Leisure.”

Photography: Julian Dakdouk