Kylie Minogue Addresses Trademark Battle With Kylie Jenner

Kylie Minogue Addresses Trademark Battle With Kylie Jenner

by Hedy Phillips

Remember when Kylie Jenner tried to trademark her name back in 2015? She filed the paperwork with the US Patent and Trademark in April of that year, according to theBBC, to trademark “KYLIE” for her own use. However, 54-year-old Kylie Minogue wasn’t down with that plan.

It took until 2017, but Minogue — who often goes by simply Kylie — made sure their shared name wasn’t trademarked, Global Newsreports, after filing opposing paperwork the year prior. It was a legal battle that went back and forth for quite some time before going in Minogue’s favor.

Neither party has said much about the trademark, but Minogue touched on it during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night. "It was just business, obviously," she said of the legal dispute. "When I was named Kylie, there was like... I think I met one person older than me called Kylie. So it was kind of unusual."

Minogue continued, “I've spent a lifetime protecting my brand, building my brand. It was just something that had to be done."

The Australian singer told host Andy Cohen that everything was handled through lawyers, when he jokingly asked if she had to call up Kris Jenner, further confirming that she doesn’t even know the Kardashian-Jenners.

She told Rolling Stone in 2018 that the suit was never personal, it was just about protecting her brand, adding, “I’ve never met Kylie Jenner. I’ve never met any member of the family — actually, I’ve met Kendall just in passing at a fashion event — but I honestly don’t know them.”

And if you’re wondering if the battle of the Kylies resulted in some monetary compensation, the answer is most likely yes. “Let me also say we came to an agreement,” Minogue told Cohen on the show. Jenner may have built her businesses around her first name, but Minogue did too — many years earlier.

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