Celebrities Can't Stop Thirst Trapping for Democracy

Celebrities Can't Stop Thirst Trapping for Democracy

by Kevin Martinez

2020's hottest trend? Thirst traps for democracy. On Monday, Kylie Jenner once again proved the power of a post, after her bikini-clad solo Instagram shot spurred thousands of followers to register to vote.

"But are you registered to vote?" the post reads. "Click the link in my bio... let's make a plan to vote together." Her Instagram amassed over 9.5 million likes and, via the link in her bio, Vote.org benefitted from the traffic as well, reportedly garnering a 1500% boost from the platform directly, according to TMZ. Of those reaching the page, Vote.org saw an 80% increase in user registration, as well voting eligibility verification.

How do these stats stack up against general voter call-outs? Jenner's post garnered 174k impressions, while Instagram's own voter registration and verification service, which was recently unveiled, saw just 2,900 link conversions.

In 2016, only 138 million out of 328 million Americans voted. Considering the general election is officially 34 days away (with some states starting as early as now, and over 1 million ballots already cast) — the bump in activity is an extremely positive sign.

Although Jenner hasn't officially endorsed a presidential candidate, as she did in 2016 for Hillary Clinton, this isn't the first time the beauty mogul encouraged fans to vote. Back in June, Kylie posted a voting checklist, asking fans to partake in the primaries.

After last night's presidential "debate," it's clear that now, more than ever, your voice needs to be heard. Time to put on your favorite Kylie lip kit and head to the polls.

Photo via Getty/ Rich Fury