Kylie Jenner Talks About Dealing With Postpartum Depression

Kylie Jenner Talks About Dealing With Postpartum Depression

A year after giving birth to her second child, Kylie Jenner is getting candid about her struggles with postpartum depression and the advice she would give other new mothers going through the same.

Appearing on the cover of the latest issue of Vanity Fair Italy, the cosmetics mogul opened up about the highs and lows of pregnancy including the fact that she's dealt with postpartum depression twice, both after giving birth to daughter Stormi in 2018 and son Aire in 2022. While she described the first time as being "very difficult" while the second time around as "more manageable," Jenner urged other women going through the same thing not to "overthink things" and to embrace all of the emotions that come with it, "even if it is painful."

Jenner also made sure to reassure those going through PPD: "I know in those moments you think that it will never pass, that your body will never be the same as before, that you will never be the same. That's not true: the hormones, the emotions at that stage are much, much more powerful and bigger than you. My advice is to live through that transition, without fear of the aftermath. The risk is to miss all the most beautiful things of motherhood as well."

It's far from the first time Jenner has openly talked about her post-pregnancy struggles. She previously addressed her postpartum depression in an Instagram Live last year, reminding her followers that it's "OK to not be OK" and that "we have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be 'back.' Not even physically, just mentally, after birth." Jenner also admitted to her sister Kendall on an episode of the Kardashian's Hulu show that she cried for three straight weeks after giving birth to her son and that she "would be laying in bed and my head would just hurt so bad."

Jenner previously drew praise from fans for "normalizing normal" postpartum bodies after posing a pic of her post-pregnancy belly. The seemingly unedited photo reflected a great deal of growth for Jenner, who had previously consulted sister Kim Kardashian about feeling insecure about the changes to her body after having Stormi.

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