Kylie Jenner Fans React to Brother's 'Gross' Comment on Nipple Bikini

Kylie Jenner Fans React to Brother's 'Gross' Comment on Nipple Bikini

Kylie Jenner fans are extremely "creeped out" by her brother's comment on her recent "free the nipple" post.

On Monday, the star took to Instagram to share close-up snaps of herself wearing some risqué Jean Paul Gaultier swimwear. A triangle bikini top piece printed with a realistic graphic of nude breasts, the post sent her followers into a full-on spiral, with comments ranging from "screaming" to "we can't even open Instagram at public these days." That said, it appeared as if one particular person's reaction raised even more eyebrows than the "Naked Bikini" itself.

Amongst the top comments was a set of emojis posted by Kylie's half-brother, Brandon Jenner, which included a laughing face alongside a pair of raised hands. However, fans were quick with the ick and made it clear they did not approve of Brandon's comments, especially given that he's the son of Caitlyn Jenner and second wife Linda Thompson.

"that's your sister... get a grip," a critic wrote, before several more chimed in with thoughts like "that’s gross dude," "no no your her brother nooooooo" and "this comment is beyond creepy."

Meanwhile, others chided Brandon by saying "imagine your older brother commenting this on your titty pic wtf is wrong with you" and "bruh if there was any post u should comment on from ur sister, this was not it."

Unsurprisingly, the comment simultaneously led to a string of "incest" jokes and references to "sweet home alabama" and the "step bro and step sis" porn trope, with a number of people writing "wyd step bro" and "not the step bro commenting …"

"that’s your sister; incest much? eww no!," as one person added. "Stop sexualizing your younger sibling."

Granted, Brandon also had his fair share of defenders, who flipped the argument on "weird" commenters for "sexualizing his comment when he was just laughing at the bikini and supporting the [free the nipple] movement in general."

"it’s an emoji it’s not like he said damn big ole tits lemme smash, mans just put two emojis and y’all trying to call it incest," a second person wrote, while a third said, "the thing wrong here is the idiots who have an issue with the comment they are the ones sexualizing it and need to have a word with themselves!"

Neither Kylie nor Brandon have addressed the criticism. In the meantime, check out Kylie's original post here.

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