Kylie Jenner Addresses Claims About 'Covering Up' For Balenciaga

Kylie Jenner Addresses Claims About 'Covering Up' For Balenciaga

Kylie Jenner wants to make it clear that she's not Team Balenciaga.

Earlier this week, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul took to her Instagram to upload some new photos featuring her family, including partner Travis Scott, 4-year-old daughter Stormi Webster and her baby son, who was born nine months ago. Due to the timing though, the series of snaps also inadvertently started an online fan conspiracy theory tying the Kardashian-Jenners to Balenciaga.

In multiple comments, critics accused Jenner of trying to help "cover up" the scandal surrounding current advertising campaign, which featured controversial images of young children posing with teddy bears in BDSM-inspired outfits.

More than a few people went so far as to claim that Jenner wanted to distract the public from Kim Kardashian's close partnership with the brand by sharing pics of her son, with critics flooding the post with sentiments like, "Convenient time to share picks of the new baby that you’ve never posted before."

But on the heels of Balenciaga issuing an apology statement and her older sister's condemnation of the fashion house, it finally seems as if Jenner's also had enough, as she recently responded to a viral TikTok joking about "Kris Jenner telling her kids to release the good photos after the Balenciaga scandal."

“Uh whyyyyyy would i post my child to cover up for balenciaga ?," the reality television personality wrote before saying that "this is why i don’t do this."

"always something to say," she added, which the creator of the TikTok replied to by arguing that while they "understand that would be frustrating, most of us just want more raw honesty from your family tho instead of silence," prior to citing their perceived handling of Scott's Astroworld tragedy.

Check out the post that started it all here.

Photo via Getty / Rodin Eckenroth