Everything Kulture and Cardi Did During Year One

Everything Kulture and Cardi Did During Year One

Yesterday, July 10, 2019, Cardi B took to Instagram to share a tearjerking celebratory video for Kulture's first birthday, complete with an unreleased Cardi backing track sampling Eve's "Love Is Blind," supposedly recorded one day before she turned in her album, Invasion of Privacy.

The video shows her daughter in some of her cutest moments over the past year, from being swaddled up in an adorable onesie and Gucci hat to napping next to her father, Offset. Kulture's birthday obviously provided Cardi with a moment of pause, as she writes on Instagram, "I love my baby she changed my life." She reminisces over the performances and appearances leading up to her birth in the new song as well, rapping, "I ain't even meet you and I loved you to death/ Performed live on TV, I hid you under my dress."

It's been a big year for the pair, so we thought we'd put together a list of some of Kulture's best moments over the past year. From accompanying her mom's headlining performances for stadium tours and festivals to just chilling out in the flyest fashions, Kulture's had a doozy of a year one — and for that, Happy Birthday, Kulture!

1. Kulture Can't Stop Saying "Mama"

Back in February, Cardi shared an Instagram video of a slightly annoyed Offset attempting to get Kulture to say, "Papa," but a queen does what she wants. Kulture just couldn't stop saying, "Mama." Cardi's response? "HA😝."

2. Napping in Luxury

In April, on what was surely not her first private jet ride, Kulture took a snooze with her mom on a plane to who-knows-where in the world. They were missing someone special, though, Cardi writes, "Boutta blast but we missing poppa bear."

3. Becoming a Cover Star

Kulture took some time out of her busy schedule to star, front and center, on the cover of her father's new record, Father of 4. She seemed to be at peace on set, no tears shed over unfulfilled riders or a long shoot day.

4. Kisses & Kisses

After all of the turmoil in Offset and Cardi B's marriage over the past year, it was good to see the couple reconcile — and baby Kulture not get caught in the crosshairs. On a particularly happy day in June, Kulture took turns giving kisses to her father, Offset, in what is probably the cutest video of the year.

5. Kulture's Motorsport Moment

Feeling left out from her mom and dad's 2017 hit with the rest of the Migos and Nicki Minaj, "MotorSport," Kulture took a ride of her own in a new pink whip. "She think she going somewhere," Cardi wrote on Instagram, severely underestimating Kulture's early demonstration of great driving skills. Yes, the "car" didn't have an engine, wheel, or license plate, but you've got to admit that it's a pretty fresh baby walker.

6. Headlining Stadiums

Cardi took a moment on Instagram this past June to share an intimate photo of herself and Kulture standing onstage pre-Summer Jam, which Cardi was headlining with Meek Mill and Migos. It's a profound moment that calls to mind snapshots of Cardi's rise to fame, maturing in the music industry, and overall critical acclaim — all while raising a baby! Your fave could never!

7. Kulture's Easter Sunday Best

In what will probably go down as one of the most prolific royal family photos ever taken — step aside, Archie's baptism photo album — Kulture, Cardi, and Offset pose to wish everyone a Happy Easter 2019. Cardi flexes a salmon-tinted rose Birkin, while Offset cradles Kulture, who's dressed in her Sunday best. She also happens to be eyeing up her mom's bag, so Hermès, please add Kulture to your PR list immediately. It's urgent.

Photo via Instagram