Kim Petras Shops till She Drops For Opening Ceremony

Kim Petras Shops till She Drops For Opening Ceremony

In her debut as the face of a brand, pop star Kim Petras is both client and shop keeper in Opening Ceremony's fall 2018 campaign. In a series of images shot by photographer Oscar Ouk, the German-born, L.A.-based singer plays dress up, mans the customization desk, feigns steaming in a back room, and ultimately storms out of OC's Soho flagship with a bevy of shopping bags.

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As stylist Matthew Mazur puts it, Petras' approach to dressing is youthful, ironic, and unapologetically pop — all elements that make her style quintessentially Opening Ceremony. "It was like we were all hanging out," Mazur says of shooting in OC's Howard Street store. "Just because it's work doesn't mean you have to be bored, anxious, or stressed." That cool, playful on-set energy, is undeniably palpable in Petras' glamorous images.

See our favorites shots from the campaign, below.

Photography: Oscar Ouk