Kim Kardashian's Walk-In Fridge Is Bigger Than Your Apartment

Kim Kardashian's Walk-In Fridge Is Bigger Than Your Apartment

After receiving a swarm of comments on photos posted of the reality star showing off her bare-bones refrigerator, Kim Kardashian West decided to take to Instagram stories yesterday evening to clear the air around her family's eating habits. Spoiler alert, that was only the prop kitchen!

Kim found the numerous articles about her empty fridge entertaining enough that she wanted to show her followers the real deal, and it didn't disappoint. A several-story walking tour went up on the reality star's Instagram Wednesday evening, showing off her entire industrial-sized kitchen. If you had to ask, yes, everything is walk-in enabled, besides the tiny pantry that the froyo machine sits inside of.

Besides the pantry being multi-room and massive, as well as the fridge — which looks like it was plucked straight out of a McDonald's backroom and placed into their home — Kim let followers in on a few of her coveted kitchen secrets. For starters, she's thrown plastic mostly out the window, opting for glass jars for every loose snack and dry ingredient. Yes, even for her "sprinkles and stuff!"

Some other bizarre tidbits from the tour include the fact that all of her kids drink a separate kind of milk and that she's currently in love with plant-based tacos. Watch the full kitchen tour below.

Photo via Instagram