Kim Kardashian Wants to #FreeGunna

Kim Kardashian Wants to #FreeGunna

by Kenna McCafferty

Kim Kardashian, soon-to-be-lawyer, is joining the fight to #FreeGunna. The Atlanta rapper was arrested in May for criminal racketeering, along with Young Thug (who was arrested on an alleged conspiracy to violate Georgia’s criminal racketeering law) and 26 members of the Young Stoner Life (YSL) record label, alleged members of the criminal street gang Young Slime Life (also aptly YSL).

For weeks, attorneys have petitioned to release Gunna on bond, a request which has been denied twice. So, Kim K decided it was time she get involved.

On Wednesday, Kardashian tweeted “#FreeGunna” with the “free” and “P” emojis, joining the rallying cry of YSL groupies across the globe.

As a dedicated prison reform advocate and law student, the tweet immediately sparked rumors that the Kardashian had joined the star legal team.

But Kardashian has, thus far, remained quiet with regards to her involvement — or, lack there of — in the case. Gunna’s hired lawyer, meanwhile, has maintained the rapper's innocence throughout, claiming the indictment, which cited YSL lyrics as evidence, “falsely portrays [Gunna’s] music as part of criminal conspiracy.”

The songs in question, “Take It To Trial” and “Ski,” reference a gang and a firearm and the lyrics “for slimes you know I kill” and “pay for that casket, that’s just if we whack em.” The prosecution's use of lyrics, however, has prompted backlash from many who deem the practice as racist in its conflation of a predominantly Black genre with illegal activity.

Having been denied bail, Gunna will have to await his trial, slated for January 2023 from his jail cell.

With Kardashian having just completed her first year of law school — notably passing the "baby bar" after a few attempts — it may be a while before we see her in the courtroom, but her Twitter advocacy track record has proven helpful in its own right; she's seen success lobbying the White House to commute life sentences for Alice Marie Johnson and Chris Young, who were sentenced to life in prison for drug offenses.

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