Kim Wonders What Her Next Fashion Era Will Be Without Kanye

Kim Wonders What Her Next Fashion Era Will Be Without Kanye

Kim will likely tell anyone that her style wouldn't be where it is today without the help of Kanye. Thanks to the rapper's designer connections and fashion know-how, her wardrobe became completely next-level almost overnight. (Remember that KUWTK episode of Kanye transforming her closet?)

But now that he's out of the picture, Kim is left wondering what her new fashion era will look like without the man who influenced her style so much for the past decade. After her Givenchy, Balmain and Balenciaga eras — all orchestrated by the Yeezy man himself — what's next for her?

“I always think, What will be next?” she said in her Vogue cover profile today. “Because I always had Kanye, who knew exactly what the next fashion era would be for me. And there’s something scary about being out there on your own, but also something so liberating.”

Indeed, with her ex nearly out of the picture, what we'll see next from her will largely depend on what style lessons she's learned ini her journey from outsider to fashion icon and what image she'll want to cultivate post-divorce. For now, it's still almost all head-to-toe Balenciaga looks, but if history has shown anything is that she'll soon gravitate to something els.

“Who knows? I might just be in Skims and be so comfy and casual and wear no makeup, and that might be what I feel like representing to the world," she says. "Maybe it’s just not that serious.”

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