Kevin Holliday Is Obsessed

Kevin Holliday Is Obsessed

By Erica CampbellFeb 01, 2024

Kevin Holliday's "BROWN EYES" is a jittery, spiraling love song about the early days of infatuation. In the visuals for the buoyant track, premiering today on PAPER, Holliday is covered in love bugs and admitting his fresh obsession against the pang of his guitar. "My creative director Muhozi and I came up with the idea pretty organically," he tells PAPER. "We went through a bunch of different treatments, but we ultimately decided we wanted to go pretty literal with the imagery. We really just thought the idea of having hundreds of live ladybugs would be entrancing. Our main goal, which I think we accomplished, was to create something that didn’t allow the viewer to look away."

The video and ode to adoration foreshadow Holliday's debut album, LADYBUG, set for release this Valentine's Day. "LADYBUG, in a sense, is a breakup album, but it is so much more than that," he says. "It’s a lot about isolation and dealing with your innermost thoughts." In the case of "BROWN EYES" those inner thoughts reflect "being so obsessed with a person that you forget who you are."

"When you're in love, you remember the smallest nuances about a person," he tells us. "These things create an essence in your head that you can't avoid."

Now, Holliday is ready to release an album he says will signify the "most vulnerable moment in my artistic career yet."

"With LADYBUG I think I was taking a big risk talking about a lot of stuff on the album," he says. "More than anything I just hope people can relate. So much pain went into this album. I want people experiencing some of the same things to hear it and feel good."

Photography: Muhozi and Kevin Marquez