Kerwin Frost and McDonald's Take You Down to Frost Way

Kerwin Frost and McDonald's Take You Down to Frost Way

BYTobias HessDec 13, 2023

This article is a sponsored collaboration between McDonald’s and PAPER.

Kerwin Frost, the artist, designer, and general creative force of nature is here to ice up your life. Frost has utilized his distinct creative mind to create the eponymous world of Frost Way, a land of cold camaraderie and quiet that’s home to a new group of McNugget Buddies designed by Frost himself. Bringing back the iconic McNugget Buddy Collectibles for the first time in over 25 years,McDonald’s will be including one select McNugget Buddy Collectible in each Kerwin Frost Box, available in the U.S. and other select markets around the world starting December 11.

McDonald’s and Frost have brought the McNugget Buddies of Frost Way to vivid life via a gorgeous map, commissioned exclusively for PAPER. Rendering Frost’s world in vibrant color and charming singularity, PAPER'smap helps you learn a bit more about the unique characters you may find in your own Kerwin Frost Box by showing them in distinct action at iconic Frost Way landmarks.

There’s Don Bernice, the Wise Stylist who creates the colorful clothes the Buddies don; there’s Uptown Moe, a fiercely proud local character who everybody knows; there’s Waffutu, the always-smiling dreamer; there's BRRRICK, the too-cool-for-school adventurer and techno enthusiast; and then Darla, too, Frost Way’s very own (often reluctant), but impossibly talented superstar. Finally, there’s Kerwin Frost himself, Frost Way’s mayor and chief artistic mastermind.

Depicting each character in quaint, creative action, the map displays how each character represents an element of fearless self-expression, a value that is integral to Frost’s own ethos.

“I hope the Kerwin Frost Box will serve as a reminder for people to hone their creativity and not be afraid to show the world who they really are,” Frost shares. Through the aspirationally creative Buddies and his own success, Frost hopes that he can motivate artists around the world, and in his hometown of Harlem, to keep striving for their dreams.

Frost’s partnership with McDonald’s will also feature custom McDonald’s x Kerwin Frost merchandise, including distinctly Kerwin garments like blue Fry Guy shoes.

In honor of McDonald’s partnership with Kerwin, a donation will be made to support Harlem Arts Alliance, a Harlem-based non-profit that connects local artists with institutions and creative networks that help to amplify their voices and vision.

“[As a kid], it was my dream to collect all the McNugget Buddies,” says Frost. “Now, coming up with my own special set of Buddies – each one representing different aspects of self-expression – it's a dream come true.” Good thing some dreams become a reality. And now, you can spend a moment inside of Frost’s very own. Just don’t forget your jacket.

Hear Kerwin’s full story on his childhood love of McDonald’s and his creative inspirations for each of the McNugget Buddies here.