Is Kendall Jenner Doing Secret Sponcon For Coke?

Is Kendall Jenner Doing Secret Sponcon For Coke?

Supermodel Kendall Jenner loves a cola collaboration, and we're not just talking about that Pepsi moment. Instagram watchdog @DietPrada noticed her post a slightly suspicious, but undoubtedly very stylish, piece of subtle Coca Cola sponcon on her grid yesterday.

Here's the evidence. Jenner, a tangerine colored body con dress by Australian label Bec & Bridge, and a matching can of Coke's brand new flavor: vanilla orange. The label perfectly color matches her 'fit. Coincidence? Many think not. We do love a bodega photoshoot concept, though.

If this really is a devious piece of advertising, then Jenner's disobeying the FTC's social media advertising guidelines, as Diet Prada points out. She should be tagging the post with #ad or #sponsored. Would the world's most famous (and controversy-prone) supermodel take that kind of risk? Maybe she really is just a big fan of novelty coke flavors! Maybe tangerine is her favorite color! Or maybe we're living in a tech-driven, celebrity-obsessed dystopia where the rules don't apply to famous people or giant megacorps. Hard to know.

Jenner was also snapped by Getty while conspicuously carrying the can, which could have been intentional — there's plenty of precedent for being papped with a brand name. Starbucks has cornered a whole market on this.

What a world! Why am I suddenly so thirsty?

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