Here's Why Justin Timberlake Ghosted Lance Bass

Here's Why Justin Timberlake Ghosted Lance Bass

by Amina Niasse

Following a popular TikTok trend, former NSYNC band member Lance Bass danced in front of a green-screen on Sunday, captioning the video "When JT finally responds to my text."

Naturally, the video went viral on TikTok with commenters asking for more "J[T] and Lance content." Bass' co-star, Justin Timberlake, responded to the slight shade on Instagram with a lighthearted comment, giving him a peek into his busy life as a father: "Once these babies show up ... your unavailability will make sense bro."

Timberlake refers to Bass's expected twins, with husband Michael Turchin, who will be born in November. The singer-slash-actor told People that the journey to having kids has been difficult due to miscarriage.

"I grew up in this family unit where I dreamt of having a kid and having that dynamic," Bass said. "And sometimes in your life, you feel like, 'Okay, I'll never be able to have that. I'm not supposed to have that.' But now we're realizing, 'No, we do need that. We deserve that and we can have this. "

While Bass is a first-time father, Timberlake shares two children with his wife, actress Jessica Biel.

"Being a dad is better than I ever could have imagined. Thankful to my dads and my grandfathers for leading the way, making the sacrifices for me to live out my dreams, and for teaching me that REAL LIFE happens in all the little moments," said Timberlake in a Father's Day Instagram post.

With Bass joining JT in the parenthood club, hopefully we can look forward to some mini NSYNC playdates in the near future.

Photo via Getty/ Jason Merritt/ FilmMagic