NSYNC Might Be Reuniting This Year After a 15-Year Hiatus

NSYNC Might Be Reuniting This Year After a 15-Year Hiatus

Is the weight of the world getting you down? Feel like you haven't experienced anything good in a while? Tempted to tell your therapist to up your dosage so you can numbly deal with the current political landscape with the apathy it requires? Hold tight friend, because here is some great news to take the edge off: NSYNC might be getting back together.

Lance-frosted-tips-Bass has shared in a new interview that the gang may have a reunion on the horizon (exciting!) and they are also bringing out a vinyl collectors edition of their holiday album Home for Christmas (even more exciting!)!

"We're doing something. I don't know if I can announce it yet," Bass told Entertainment Tonight, giving away just enough to whet our nostalgia-appetite. "We are coming out with a really cool vinyl edition of our Christmas album."

Bass also revealed the boy band, which shot to stratospheric fame in the early 2000s launching the career of now very big star Justin Timberlake, will come together to get their star on the Hollywood walk of fame later this year.

Despite their 15 year hiatus, Bass says the team group messages everyday which is cute in a very wannabe-millennial way, often making fun of each other's noughties hair decisions.

"All we do is bag on each other all day long, Joey gets a lot of the brunt of our jokes," Bass explained. "I mean, those guys are my brothers and so we act like immature brothers all the time."

Honestly I can't imagine anything worse than committing to the ~banter~ of a daily group chat with your middle-aged buds but hey live, laugh, love. I bet Justin only replies in GIFs.

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