Last night, the earth opened up, and five skeletons rose from the wet soil, rubbing dirt and rock over their tired bones, and clinking and clanking and gyrating and shimmying in unison.

'NSNYC reunited in Los Angeles! Well, they came together for a birthday--JC Chasez (aka Justin Timberlake #2) turned 40.

The band--Chasez, Timberlake, Joey Fatone, Chris Fitzpatrick, and Lance Bass, assembled at celebrity haunt The Nice Guy, and reminisced over drinks and dim lighting.

I wonder what they talked about...

...the glory days, sold out stadiums, the cyclone of shrill, deafening screams, confetti, oranges and blues and Sketchers.

They sang together! "Happy Birthday." You know that song, right?


As paparazzi swarmed Justin as he entered his black SUV, one asked, "Do you think 'NYSNC will reunite for Trump's inauguration?" Which was met with a (rightful) "Shut the fuck up."

We also learned that Joey Fatone is opening a restaurant called "Fat Ones," and then I crumbled into ash.

Bless you all.

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Story by Jonathan Borge / Photography by Pol Kurucz / Styling by Marko Monroe / Hair by Gigi Goode / Nails by Juan Alvear