Joseph Chilliams Is Christmas' Most Wanted in 'Wishlist'

Joseph Chilliams Is Christmas' Most Wanted in 'Wishlist'

Pivot Gang's Joseph Chilliams has released the perfect song for the holidays with "Wishlist." Out now, the single comes with a new music video that's a dreamy representation of the exciting emotions that Christmas brings, which includes a heavy amount of lust.

In the clip, Chilliams shows off the high points of the holidays that we associate with family: Kids smiling happily, decorations going up, caroling singers, and gifts wrapped and ready to be delivered. But in addition to these times, Chilliams presents himself as the gift that multiple ladies want, all eager to unwrap him themselves.

The Chicago musician takes over a number of screens that women stare intently into with glazed over eyes, fascinated with his appearance. He's definitely the one they wold prefer over Santa Claus to be sliding down their chimneys to eat their cookies. "You light up my life and make me feel like Christmas time," he sings on the track, featuring Sen Morimoto and Adam Ness. "We should 69, you so fine."

Chilliams detailed the song to PAPER, saying that "'Wishlist' came about from my job as a dog walker. Working in the winter in Chicago, I was outside way more than I usually am when it gets cold and saw every type of ornament there is. All the fancy Christmas decorations and how everyone acts nicer to each other, it was on my mind more than usual. I'd write while walking the pups in this snowy maze of slush and poo."

He continued, "NSYNC played a big part in the conception of this song too. I wanted to make my version of the boy band Christmas song, so I'd just walk my dogs and dream up pop melodies."

Chilliams added that the topic of Christmas can easily be predictable from a songwriter's perspective, but he used those classic cliché's to his advantage. "I know what you're expecting from a Christmas song, so let me take it somewhere else," he said. "The love and warmth that we feel during those times was kinda the inspiration behind the 69 aspect. You know the gift that keeps on giving. People tend to go out of their way to show people they love them during the holidays so I thought it would be cute to make an interesting love song."

Check out the PAPER premiere of "Wishlist" and stream it, below.

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