Let The Drums' Jonny Pierce Guide You Through Meditation

Let The Drums' Jonny Pierce Guide You Through Meditation

by Savannah Hardman

With incessant daily news about coronavirus, it can be difficult to find a way to fully de-stress and unwind. Luckily, artists and musicians are working hard to satisfy that need. Enter: "Take Yer Meds," a guided meditation created by Jonny Pierce of The Drums.

"Take Yer Meds" first launched this past Sunday with a listening session on Zoom. Now, the guided meditation is available on all podcast and streaming platforms, where Pierce invites you to join him in "an exercise of centering, using the healing power of unconditional love that we all have inside of us."

Pierce's soothing vocal tone leads listeners through a unique meditative experience, which also incorporates some of his electronic pop and surf musical influences. Roughly 14 minutes in length, the meditation is the ideal runtime for anyone seeking a brief respite from current affairs.

Sit back, relax and stream "Take Yer Meds," below.

Photo via Instagram