Jonathan Van Ness Opens Up About Binge Eating Disorder

Jonathan Van Ness Opens Up About Binge Eating Disorder

Jonathan Van Ness is getting real about struggling with an eating disorder "for a very long time."

Earlier this week, the 35-year-old Queer Eyestar took to Instagram to upload a split screen video containing footage of the beginning of his gymnastics journey alongside another clip from a recent practice session. But while he manages to nail a perfect backflip in the latter, Van Ness made it clear that the post wasn't just about showing off his skills. Rather, it was about the story surrounding his love of gymnastics and the way it's been connected to his battle with a binge eating disorder, which was something he discussed in a lengthy caption about the importance of seeking help if you struggle with having a healthy relationship with food.

"Always been a hot & sexy slut but have also been struggling with binge eating disorder at the same time for a very long time," as Van Ness began.

"In April after years of feeling out of control with food I got help," he continued in reference to his August TikTok about losing 35 pounds with the help of a nutritionist. "Gymnastics is a huge source of joy for me, and I want to do it for as long and safely as possible."

As Van Ness explained, while he now prioritizes "making time to eat, planning to eat & actually eating," maintaining a consistent eating schedule used to be his "lowest priority," which meant he would become "so hungry that when I would eat, I would binge." However, he also went on to reassure fans that he's doing better now and that "this has been and continues to be a healing journey I'm grateful to be on."

"I was nervous to talk about it but I feel it's important to share," he revealed, before reminding others that "we are not alone, and it's good to ask for help when you need it."

"I honor my journey," as Van Ness added. "I feel stronger and more in tune with my body and am so happy to have people to help me along the way."

Watch Van Ness' video about his journey towards recovery below.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, you can contact the National Eating Disorders Association at 1-800-931-2237.

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