The Jonas Brothers Will Reunite as JONAS

The Jonas Brothers Will Reunite as JONAS

It's 2019, Avril and Jojo just dropped albums, and Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes are back in the news. The comeback cycle rolls on, and it's the Jonas Brothers' turn.

Since the band's devastating break-up in 2013 because of a "deep rift within the band" and "creative differences," the boys have stayed busy. Kevin, 31, launched a business career via The Celebrity Apprentice, after his E! Reality show Married To Jonas was cancelled. He now co-manages the JonasWerner development company, a social media influencer consulting firm called The Blu Market, and the food app, Yood. Joe, 29, started "Cake By The Ocean"-famous funk-pop group DNCE and got engaged to Game Of Thrones' Sophie Turner. Nick, 26, released two solo albums, starred in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, got virally married to Priyanka Chopra.

Now that each Jonas is answered for, having secured a mate and adequately defined their individual post Jo-Bros brands, they're taking stock of their aging boyband empire. According to Us Weekly insiders, the brothers will rise from the ashes as JONAS. They've dropped the "The" and "Brothers" because they are serious, non-virgin musicians now — and lower-case letters and band names including articles are out, baby (did they consider simply "JNS"?) Their comeback will reportedly include new music, their first since 2009's Lines, Vines and Trying Times (reminder: "lines" did not refer to recreational drug use, per the band's Christian image, but rather dishonesty, "something that someone feeds you," as Nick told Rolling Stone), tour dates and a documentary.

JONAS has yet to make an official announcement, but Nick has been liking Tweets about the reunion. Last year Kevin told Us, that he and his brothers often jam together and this summer, Just Jaredreported sightings of the trio working on a secret project. According to The FADER, the official Jonas Brothers' Instagram account was mysteriously reactivated last year (the last grid post is from June 2013). If Camp Rock defined your adolescence, or you're just here for the 2007 cosplay, now's a good time to hit follow.

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