Anti-LGBTQ+ J.K. Rowling Ally Arrested For Allegedly Doxxing Trans Activist

Anti-LGBTQ+ J.K. Rowling Ally Arrested For Allegedly Doxxing Trans Activist

Caroline Farrow boasts over 27k Twitter followers, proudly stating in her bio that she is "allergic to non-biblical rainbows." The anti-LGBTQ+ activist and campaign director for CitizenGO, a conservative advocacy group, was recently arrested after doxxing and misgendering a trans activist that she had been harassing for years.

Farrow made a Twitter thread detailing her arrest. She said police knocked on her door and seized her devices. Afterward, she claimed she was "frisked, shoved in a cop car and taken down Guildford Nick." Farrow was then asked if she made a series of insulting posts and cartoons. "When read my rights and told that what I said could be used in evidence against me, I replied that women don’t have a [eggplant emoji]," she said."

Farrow has done a terrible job of hiding her paper trail of harassment. The investigation began when she tweeted a photo of a letter sent to her by trans activist and lawyer Stephanie Hayden, the main target of Farrow's ire. The photo contained Hayden's address as well as a caption misgendering her. While the tweet has since been deleted, VICE News was able to confirm its validity.

Hayden complained to the police about the post, as well as accusations of being a pedophile and a stalker levied against her. Things only got worse when police were made aware of a cartoon Farrow posted on Kiwi Farms depicting Hayden as a Nazi guard at a concentration camp. The cartoon also featured fellow anti-trans activist Graham Lineham being put into a gas chamber accompanied by the phrase "tranny gas."

Farrow's involvement on hate forum Kiwi Farms is significant. The site was ultimately shut down after Keffals, a prominent trans activist and streamer, began a successful campaign. Keffals was also the subject of countless incidents of harassment, threats and more, causing her to relocate for her safety. The forum itself is known for publishing the intimate details of internet figures. Much like 4chan, the site became a breeding ground for hateful and harmful ideologies. Despite its short time offline, it has ultimately found a new server.

Farrow is not just known for being an anti-trans activist. She's also tied to J.K. Rowling, the author-turned-transphobe. Rowling previously voiced her support for Farrow on Twitter, which seems to be their preferred platform for espousing garbage. In one of her most recent tweets since being released from police custody, Farrow showed support for Rowling joining the fight against a proposed Scottish law which makes it easier for people to be legally recognized as their gender.

Farrow's alibi in all of this? She was playing the organ. "Anyone who has played organ for Mass will understand that you cannot be playing on your phone and posting on the internet," she tweeted. "It’s not just hymns but also the Mass setting."

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