Jinkx Monsoon Hits Back at Trolls Commenting on Their Weight

Jinkx Monsoon Hits Back at Trolls Commenting on Their Weight

Jinkx Monsoon has something to say to the trolls criticizing their weight.

On the heels of the premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, the season five winner talked about returning to franchise, their relationships with their fellow contestants and competing against other reigning queens in a new video interview for PopBuzz. And though they said they were excited to see how things panned out on the show, Jinkx also made it clear that there are some downsides to being on TV and in the public eye — particularly when it comes to unsolicited commentary about their physique.

Opening up about the online scrutiny they've faced in the limelight, Jinkx revealed that it wasn't all "water off a duck's back" in terms of the general negativity they've experienced since their initial win.

"I don't want to sit here and act like I've had a rough go because I've felt a lot of love throughout the years and I think the loyalty of my fanbase is why I'm working almost 10 years later after filming season 5 of Drag Race," they said. "But for a very sensitive, highly-anxious Virgo with OCD, I have been affected by things."

Most hurtful though have been critiques of their weight, which they rightfully pointed out has "nothing to do with the things that I'm good at." After all, they explained that "nowhere in the job description of being a singer, an actor, and a comedian does it say you have to be thin." But even so, it turns out that people still "really love commenting on the way my body has changed over the last decade and I don't think that even needs to be part of the discussion."

Granted, Jinkx (correctly) went on to state that body shaming isn't acceptable in any form, even if you're someone in the spotlight, saying that the argument about choosing to go into entertainment didn't mean they "chose to have trolls on the internet comment on my body weight."

"[So] fuck off. Leave us the fuck alone," as they concluded. "My body is not for you to comment on."

Listen to what Jinkx has to say to the body shamers below.

Photo via Getty / Astrid Stawiarz