Play These Songs at Jimi Somewhere's Wedding

Play These Songs at Jimi Somewhere's Wedding

Lifted off his forthcoming debut album, Nothing Gold Can Stay, Jimi Somewhere released today his latest single, "Wedding," produced in collaboration with Milo Orchis. The 22-year-old Norwegian musician (real name Benjamin Schandy) says it's the "most personal" song he's ever made, inviting listeners inside an existential crisis he experienced at his own sister's wedding.

"I started writing it right after my second sister got married in 2017," Jimi says. "When a big milestone like that happens in your family it makes you reflect and you start thinking, What am i doing with my life? So it's me addressing all these decisions I've made with my career, my family and my future."

For a generation where love lives inside a dating app and hookups are the closest thing — sometimes too close — to commitment, Jimi's perspective in "Wedding" is all too relatable. What are we doing with our lives? The track dances delicately with a soft piano melody and faint church bells, before building into an ending that grooves. "All these tears coming down my eye," Jimi sings, "as he walks her down the aisle."

"Wedding" follows Jimi's previous single, "In My Car" and a Kacy Hill-assisted release, "Jesus." Both offered up his signature mix of self-reflective lyrics and more electronic-leaning production — a fusion that builds off the artist's core musical inspirations like Frank Ocean and Kevin Abstract.

Below, Jimi Somewhere shares with PAPER his own dream wedding playlist, featuring Justin Timberlake, Norah Jones and Kacey Musgraves. From "perfect slow dance" jams to "something to turn up to," play these tracks in honor of "Wedding," out now.

Justin Timberlake — "Until the End of Time"

Fuck the wedding march, imagine seeing your partner walk down the aisle to like a choir rendition of this song with like strings and piano. Would make me cry immediately.

Paramore — "The Only Exception"

Self-explanatory I think, but this song makes me break down at any time of the day. We are all just looking for the exception...

Suicide — "Surrender"

Perfect slow dance song.

Norah Jones — "Come Away with Me"

Ideally, Norah Jones would perform this song herself at the ceremony.

Beyoncé (Feat. André 3000)  — "Party"

Something to turn up to. My favorite part of weddings is when you run the throwback classics and get everybody out on the floor. I may be young, but I'm reeeeeeeady!

Fleetwood Mac — "Gypsy"

One of my all time favorites. It just feels so good. And you need that in your wedding. Just something that feels really good.

Taylor Swift — "Paper Rings"

This song is cute as fuck and you shouldn't marry anybody who feels like they're above dancing to Taylor Swift.

Drake & Nicki Minaj — "Make Me Proud"

Everybody love Drake, so we need at least one Drake song in here. Chose this one because it's so fun and what better time to tell your partner you're proud of them.

The Starting Line — "The Best Of Me"

I'm such a sucker for pop-punk. It makes me so euphoric. I also think every wedding playlist need something to mosh to.

Katy Perry — "Teenage Dream"

Or honestly anything Benny Blanco-produced between 2010 – 2012. All bangers on bangers that will for sure make even the shy people at your wedding step out of their comfort zone.

Smokey & Miho — "Blue Glasses"

One of the sweetest songs I know. Perfect song to serenade your significant other to.

Kacey Musgraves — "High Horse"

Not even a love song, I just love dancing to this. Banger. Get your boots on!

Lauryn Hill — "Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You"

This song makes me melt and is also such a sing-along. Lauryn Hill is the best.

Photography: Chai Saeidi